About Michael


It is with a stable, industry leading organization that I desire to offer 18 years of brand marketing experience and resourceful insight in strategic marketing methodologies.  Having a strong background utilizing a variety of marketing methodologies, I am certain that my skills and experience, when linked with the vision of an organization, will serve to create dramatic, profitable results.


As the head of sales and marketing for Unified Barcode & RFID, I was consistently energized by opportunities in overcoming promotional boundaries as I continued to ensure that our lines received the best representation in achieving new customer acquisition and creating brand awareness through our marketing efforts.  With full accountability for over a multimillion-dollar budget, I offered significant contributions in revenue growth through visible skills in the tactical planning of pricing, packaging, and distribution, as well as offered strategies and planning.

Some of my professional highlights include:

  • 18+ Years – Corporate Communications Experience
  • 18+ Years – Brand Marketing Experience
  • 17+ Years – Strategic Planning Experience
  • 15+ Years – Management of Strategic Direction in corporate environment
  • 10+ Years – Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Experience
  •  5+ Years – Microsoft CRM Experience

Having natural interpersonal and communication abilities, I have acquired a solid reputation for effective networking and strategic alliance building among crucial industry resources.  In providing a solution driven leadership style, I have been able to develop highly effective marketing programs.  Under my guidance Unified Barcode & RFID:

  • Re-branded and re-launched an under-performing corporate marketing strategy resulting in an increase of leads by 168%
  • Launched highly successful internet marketing campaigns, increasing web traffic by over 200% while lowering pay-per-click expenditures by 85%
  • Managed the creation and development of sales training programs including prospecting, sales forecasting, and closing the business
  • Transformed strained relationships by working closely with distributors to understand and resolve issues
  • Successfully managed campaign to launch two new products, which exceeded companies pre-sales goals in excess of 145%

As there is considerably more to relate, I look forward to meeting and discussing how I might assist your company’s marketing needs and further advance the visibility of your company.