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Originally Published:
February 2014 - Kane County Magazine

Start a love affair with your bedroom using color, texture, and light 

February is here, a month steeped in the promise of love and affection. But just because this month marks a celebration of romance, doesn't mean you can't keep the fire going all year long. One great way is with bedroom style that offers the allure of a romantic getaway right in your home.

From the linens on the bed to the lighting and even the color of the walls, a romantic room can be yours in no time.

The focal point of any bedroom is the bed, and you want to create the feeling that you are floating on a cloud. You want a bed that lures you to stay under the covers all day long. The key to this are your sheets. Look for higher thread counts for a softer more luxurious feel. Bamboo sheets are super soft and silky. They scream "Romance!" to your skin. They can be a little more expensive than traditional fabrics, but they are washable, and more durable than cotton.

When it comes to style, the last thing you want in a romantic bedroom is distraction. Keep it simple. Choose soothing yet inviting colors, tending toward rich jewels in tone-on-tone designs like damask. Deep greens and hades of gold are wonderful – not bright, but with grey or brown undertones. Don't be afraid of chocolates and reds. Where pastels and whites are more spa like and relaxing, richer tones are super scrumptious. Play off of those colors with a throw or some patterned throw pillows.

It's all about ambience, and choice of lighting is essential whenever you design a bedroom that is also a romantic retreat. Chooses three-way lights to offer options. When you are looking for sensual time in the bedroom, you want to set the lighting dim. Try battery-powered candles. Timed for four-six hours, you can scatter them throughout the room. Set them on during the day for a certain time, and they shut off on their own, so you can fall asleep to candlelight every evening. Complement with music or a sound machine to aid your escape from the rest of the word.

Most important, romance is about two people, so keep both parties' preferences in consideration, and you can't do it wrong!

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