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Conceptualization to Execution

Originally Published: June 2014 - Kane County Magazine

Put the 'fun' back in function!

The Rec Room - If it brings back memories of dark wood paneling and plaid sofa cushions, you're not alone. But today's rec rooms take on a decidedly different style, while maintaining the casual and inviting atmosphere that makes this room the most popular spot in the home.

Comfort remains the key to the successful design. We see soft fabrics in the upholstery of chairs and sofas. Distressed leathers become popular choices. But beyond the coverings, depth is key. You want big thick cushions to sink into and relax.

Most rec rooms are outfitted with entertainment, both classic games and modern technology. Pool tables remain a popular choice, as do poker tables, and shuffle board tables are huge. But we are seeing more machines – slot machine games and large retro video game units. Companies have begun to produce home versions and they are very hot right now.

For the movie lover and the sports fan, a home theater area is a great option. State-of-the-art home electronics have enabled families to reap the benefits of the cinema experience in full comfort of their own homes. Maybe it's in place of the traditional rec room, but often it's an offshoot, a separate room in what once was the basement. Either way, impressive 150-inch screens complemented by surround sound catapult your guests into a "better-than-the-cinema" experience. Choose large leather recliners with ample room for viewers to complete the experience.

If the screen is in the main part of the rec room, you have choices: make it a focal point, highlight it and keep it on display. If that's not your taste, it can be covered with adjustable curtains or hidden behind cabinetry. Whatever your design style, there's a solution.

And speaking of style, rec rooms are the perfect opportunity to do something different than the rest of the home. A rec room almost screams for whimsy – movie posters, lighted signs, fun and funky choices that wouldn't appear anywhere else in your decor – these all are options in the rec room. You want to keep this space fun and light.

Whatever your choices, an interior designer can help you create a room that works, and perhaps even offer you solutions you'd not considered on your own. Once complete, your rec room will be the hottest spot on the block!

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