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Originally Published:
November 2014 - Kane County Magazine

Staged to sell



Not every stager is good at decorating, just like not ever designer is good at staging. If fact, the two skills are very different, both in their approach and final outcome.

When it comes to staging a home, there is a common misconception that a stager is coming to your home to decorate. He is not. He is working with you and your realtor to get your home ready to go on the market, highlighting the key features through design.

More often than not people selling homes hear they should paint the walls white and remove clutter. They are advised to depersonalize their home and play soft music. Truth be told, staging a home is much more than any of those, rather generic, pieces of advice. In fact, if any of those items are the basis of staging, don’t list… because you are not going to sell.

Fact: Every home has a personality and it is the stager’s job to make that personality of that home desirable to the masses, working in conjunction with a good realtor to get that home sold.

It is very rare that a home should have white walls. In fact, more often than not we have found that freshly painted walls in a tasteful color work far better than white walls. However, I am not saying you can keep your 10-year-old faux finishes because you love them. Here’s why:

Once your home goes on the market, it is no longer yours – it is the future buyer’s home!

Again, staging and decorating are NOT the same thing. Staging is used to call attention to all the wonderful features your home has, setting it apart from the competition in your neighborhood and community. Staging is not there to make your home “pretty” because the buyer is there to purchase the home, not your decor.

Additionally, a knowledgeable stager is going to tell you the good, bad, and ugly about your home. Sometimes, the truth will hurt. If your home has smells that are less than desirable, this is not being said to offend you. The stager is looking to help get your home ready to sell at top dollar. Not everyone has the same love of liver and onions that you may.

Cobwebs may work in your home around Halloween, but the other 11 months of the year they leave a negative impression. We strongly suggest hiring a service to give your home a deep cleaning prior to going on the market, under chairs, behind toilets, and inside your oven.

Furniture placement is key. It is a must to make your rooms seem larger than they are. If your rooms are empty, rent furniture. If you have too much furniture, rent a storage unit to clean out the clutter.

Finally, make sure your stager has a portfolio of “before and after” photos along with a list of realtor and client references. You would not let a doctor operate on you without checking references and you should not invest in staging unless the firm you have chosen has a proven track record.

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