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Vignette Home Decor, Inc.
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Vignette Home Decor, Inc.

Conceptualization to Execution

Originally Published:
July 2014 - Kane County Magazine

Turn your dining room around with a hip new focus

Families don’t eat together in the same way they once did. Formal dining rooms and traditional pass-the-plate dinners often give way to the great room, where children park themselves at the kitchen island, with plates filled directly from the pots on the stove.

Meanwhile, people are entertaining in their homes more and more, and they want to “show off” a little. So we have begun reinventing the dining room spaces, creating hip, stylish adult lounges for hosting friends and family. Many times, we tie it into the formal living room (another commonly unused space) and create a toy-free, sophisticated atmosphere complemented by artwork and accessories.

The idea is simpler than you might imagine. In place of the traditional large table and half dozen chairs, we fill the spaces with club chairs and a free-standing bar with two or three seats. We make it a grown-up space, with hip, lounge-like colors.

Like the kitchen island, it provides an intimate point for guests to gather, but with an upgrade to style and functionality. It feeds socializing. Instead of sitting around a table, you can stand and mingle and flow, which is what people want. It’s like a Chicago nightclub, but in your own home.

Want another bonus? By taking more of a lounge approach, cost could be 20-40 percent less. A dining room table with six chairs and a hutch can be up to $5,000. But here, all you need is a free-standing bar with stools and a pub table, a club-like fixture and you’re done.

Take your dining room to a new level of cool, and soon it’ll be the hottest spot in the house!

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